Who's that crazy chick owning this weird page?

My name's Stephanie, I'm 20 years old and I live in southern Germany.

Occupation......working with handicapped men and women at a workshop, motivating them, talking, helping, being there whenever they need someone, no matter what issue.


What to tell about her?

I do a lot of photography, I draw a lot, I'm a computerfreak, I love ewgo-shooters, I'm addicted to Hello Kitty

and my cuddle toy teddy bear "Ted".

I love spending my time outside but also infront of my computer.

Calm and peacefulness is something essential for me

though I like music with heavy bass.


Her name's Stephanie... why Q'Jane?

As simple as it is..... it's my tag ingame.

Since years I play an ego-shooter called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Since one year I'm member of a great clan called Quarkclan.

Why Jane? - It's a little insider.



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